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Scrap your Car in Cheltenham TODAY!

You can receive up to £400 for your car!

Call us on 0800 1814 117 or fill out the form below:

Essential Information - Scrap Cars in Cheltenham

Scrap Yard in The Sky scrap cars 24/7, between 8am to 8pm on weekdays, and 9am to 4pm on weekends. And we cover a wide range of areas which includes Cheltenham, so if you are in and around this area please do get in touch.

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 We will offer the best price for your car regardless of whether its failed an MOT test, its an insurance write-off, or if it’s an ELV – End of Life Vehicle.

Providing you have described the car and its condition accurately, and that there are no parts missing when we get there, we will stand by the price we quote initially through to collection. As a result of this commitment we don’t haggle once we get to you.

 We fully adhere to environmental-friendly standards and only use Government Approved Treatment Facilities (ATF). We apply all the Environmental Agency directives to each and every vehicle so rest assured the scrapped car will leave no environmental impact. We will de-pollute your car, remove your tyres and flatten the metal, ready for its next life!

So if you have a car that’s wasting away on your driveways, and annoying your neighbours, fill out our form or email us, have your documents ready and we will take care of the rest!

The important legal stuff

In order for your vehicle to be scrapped, it will need to be taken off the DVLA database. Your V5 document (log book) will need to be signed as the part of the seller and send this to the DVLA. We recommend you make a copy first. We then take buyers part of that document and give it to ATF, who will then remove your car from the DVLA database.

Please note:

Although we can buy cars without a V5 document, it is the Registered Keeper’s responsibility to inform the DVLA of the changes to your vehicle status. The information they need is the vehicle, the registration number and date. We send this on your behalf unfortunately.