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Scrap your Car in Northampton!

You can receive up to £400 for your car!

Call us on 0800 1814 117 or fill out the form below:

Scrap Cars in Northampton – Essential Information

Scrap Yard in the Sky have been operating for over 7 years and scrap cars 7 days a week. They cover Northampton amongst other areas within their 60 mile coverage radius around their base – Coventry. So if you are in the area fill out our form or call us to get started!

We offer competitive rates for the cars we scrap, and we do all of the hard work for you by collecting, getting rid of all pollutants and scrapping in a n environmentally friendly manner – offering the nice addition of peace of mind to the whole process!

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 We always offer the best prices we can for your car, however it came to the end of its life. So whether the car has been in an accident and is damaged, is an insurance write-off, has failed its MOT or is simply an End of Life Vehicle (ELV) – we will always offer a good price.

As we endeavour to offer the best price to you, we don’t take part in any haggling on the driveway as a result. As long as your description of the vehicle and its status is accurate, and that no parts have been removed prior to us collecting it, we will pay the amount agreed on in the first place.

  Environmentally-Friendly: We only use Government Approved Treatment Facilities (ATF) when scrapping cars, so as a result all vehicles are scrapped to an environmentally-friendly standard. We guarantee all cars pollutants are removed from vehicles, along with their tyres and that the metal is flattened, ready for its next incarnation.

We are able to collect between 8am – 8pm weekdays, and 9am – 4pm weekends – Which makes it more convenient to fit this into your schedule.

The legal stuff

In order for your vehicle to make it through our pearly gates, it will need to be removed from the DVLA database. You then need to sign your V5 document (log book) as the part of the seller and send this to the DVLA. We recommend you copy this first. We take the buyer’s part and give this to ATF who will then remove your car from the DVLA database.

Please note

Although we can buy cars without a V5 document, it is the responsibility of Registered Keeper to inform the DVLA of the changes in writing. The info they need is: the vehicle, registration number and date. Unfortunately we can’t do this on your behalf.