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We’ll Scrap your Car – Instant bank transfers at Scrap Yard in the Sky

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We’ll Scrap your Car  - Useful Information

If you are looking to dispose of your car in quick, no-stress, pain-free kind of way then we can be of assistance.  We know at this sad time you need to be sure your car makes it all the way to that Scrap Yard in the Sky and a nice wad of notes for your troubles would just ease that pain!

  • Get in touch today for a no-obligation price.
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  • Get in touch today  – WE WANT TO PAY YOU!

 We make sure you will get the best deal around for your car – we pay you cash for your car whether it is running or running on empty!  We pay cash for crashed cars, collision calamities, MOT failures, insurance write-offs and also end of life vehicles (ELV’s).  We welcome them all!

 To ensure there are no door-step differences on the day we collect your vehicle, we always aim to pay the quotation price that we have based upon the complete vehicle. So providing you have described the condition of your vehicle accurately and nothing has been removed in the meantime we can pay the price agreed.

Scrapping your Car the Environmental Way

As we wholeheartedly follow Environmental Agency directives to the letter you can be completely secure in the knowledge your car is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner. All vehicles are depolluted of liquids and its battery, the tyres are removed and all the metal is compacted all ready for its new purpose in the Scrap Yard in the Sky.

You can also be confident that we only use Scrap Yards that are Government Approved Treatment Facility (ATF) so we can guarantee your car is being disposed of within the law.

So if you have a heap of junk of your driveway and want to make some money without actually having to lift a finger then why not get the ball rolling and get in touch with us! We promise you a great price, a great service, a clear driveway and a better relationship with your neighbours!

We can collect your car between 8am – 8pm weekdays and 9am – 4pm weekends. We are positive there is a time that can suit you here!

For the legal bit and for your car to legitimately join the others Scrappers in the Sky, it will need to be removed from the records of the DVLA. You, as the seller, will need to sign your V5 document (log book) and forward this to the DVLA. We, as the buyer, complete the other part and hand this over to the ATF who will then directly delete your car from the DVLA records. We suggest you make a copy of the V5 document before you post it.

Please note – we can collect and dispose of cars which do not have a V5 document but it would be the responsibility of the Registered Keeper to inform the DVLA in writing of the changes  – unfortunately we are unable to do this on your behalf.