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Scrap my car – Nationwide Service

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Scrapping your car – Information you need to know

Have you finally accepted your beloved old banger should pass over to the other side? Do you want a dignified send off – and an instant bank transfer to boot because you know that’s what your car would have wanted? We are here to help, we make sure your scrap car makes it to that Scrap Yard in the Sky and pay you for letting us take care of things. All you need to do is contact us today!

  • We can provide a no-obligation price.
  • We can provide a free collection service.
  • We never charge any admin fees or hidden fees.
  • Best of all – we can give YOU a cheque or bank transfer instantly!

 Whatever the cause of your car’s demise we can guarantee you the best price around! It matters not if your car was damaged in an accident, an insurance write off, MOT failure or an end of life vehicle – we will scrap it for you for the best deal we can offer.

We always strive to keep to the price of our quotation but reductions may be made if the vehicle is not how it was described or parts have been taken away since we discussed your vehicle. If so, just give us a call prior to collection and we can agree a second price. We prefer the collection of your car to be as straightforward as possible. We are sure you do too!

 If you are concerned about the environmental effect of scrapping your car, then we can promise we dispose of your car within the Environmental Agency regulations. All the vehicles we collect are depolluted of all fluids and liquids, the tyres are completely removed and recycled and all the metals are compressed and ready to be recycled for their next usage in the Scrap Yard in the Sky.

We can also guarantee your car is being disposed within the legal guidelines too, we only use ATFs that are government approved so you know your car is definitely being scrapped and removed from the DVLA database. You can be certain it is not being put back on the road again and running in your name! Yes, this happens unfortunately.

So now you have decided that the car is no more, why not give us a call and we can give you a quote. We are confident you will be surprised as to how much you can get for your car and all for making a phone call! Now put your feet up because we take care of everything after that!

We aim to make our collection times to suit everybody – so we collect every day of the week! We can collect between 8am – 8pm weekdays and 9am – 4pm weekends so there is bound to be a time that will suit you. If not, we can still arrange the collection with a neighbour.

At Scrap Yard in the Sky, we try to make it so you hardly have to do a thing – so we even help you with your legal paperwork. All that is required from you to ensure old scrappy is removed from the DVLA records is to sign your V5 document (log book) and forward this to the DVLA.  It might be a good idea to take copy for your own records.

We, at Scrap Yard in the Sky, complete the other part of the V5 and give this to ATF. They will register your car as an end of life vehicle and directly delete your car from the DVLA records. You now no longer have this vehicle in your name. We can even forward a Certificate of Destruction is you so wish.

Please note – regrettably we cannot inform the DVLA on your behalf if you do not have a V5 document. But we can STILL BUY YOUR CAR but legally we cannot contact the DVLA for you. However, all you will need to do, as the Registered Keeper, is inform them in writing that your car has been sold for scrap, the date and your registration number.

Scrap my car for cash